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“To create great change, . . . 

Get a great marketer.” Kasha Frese



After 15 years in healthcare and non-profit marketing, I am taking my career to the next level.

My primary work will become cultural-engagement and community-building through multi-media participatory storytelling. My marketing and event planning background will provide a foundation for success in creating programs for large-scale social engagement.


Marketing as Community Creativity

I love the idea of building community and creating meaning through conversation, collaboration, and creative expression. Some of my most successful marketing projects have taken this approach. One example is the Live Pink campaign that I designed to promote a local hospital's cancer program.



Live Pink was a branded website where we hosted a participatory arts project. Community members and leaders uploaded creative expressions of how they live pink. Submissions included photos and videos of light installations, handmade costumes, and flash mob dance numbers. Participants shared their submissions via social media to help increase breast cancer awareness. We engaged more than 60,000 community members in 30 days. 


I have also leveraged participatory arts concepts in aligning internal corporate culture. To gain input on what employees value about working for the company MedAmerica, I modeled an activity after Cindy Chang's I Wish This Was project in New Orleans. In our version, employees completed the sentence "Being a MedAmerican is..." on stickers all over the company. This was accompanied by a survey and photo contest. The inputs were used to bring clarity to the values of the company and then embedded into employees' and leaders' annual goals. I am currently designing a collaborative weaving intervention to help employees understand how their daily work supports the mission and strategy of the organization. 



Founding Volunteer


In 2013, I became the first volunteer and manager for the Fearless Collective, a group of artists led by Shilo Shiv Suleman and committed to inspiring positive, trust-based conversations about gender, sexuality and other issues of marginalization. The Collective began as a call for posters on the theme of Fearlessness. Our work evolved into community-integrated artistic interventions. These begin with group workshops of embodied art activities and culminate in a collaborative mural painting.


I believe our positive model of community-based artistic intervention has the potential to create profound change for individuals and communities. It is reflective of my love of the arts, community-building, and feminism. Although I'm no longer an active member of the Collective, I continue to be involved in an advisory capacity. 



Life Outside Work


Outside of work, I explore life via random excursions, like watching live sumo wrestling or creating sand art. I like activities that help me expand personally and intellectually.

I volunteer for community and feminist projects and spent 2 years running online media for the Burning River Roller Derby, where I was also a skater. 

I love fiber and paper arts and created an arts group at work that meets weekly.

I have traveled to India twice and to South Africa. The UK and Europe are new to me, as of the first weekend intensive in this course! 
Several years ago, I drove across the country, leaving my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, to pursue the California dream. I now live with my 2 cats in Oakland, California, which is across the bridge from San Francisco.